. MFA in Photography Chung-Ang University
   Graduate School of Art, Korea
. Focused on Painting in Perpignan, Paris,
   France ( 1990-1996)
. BFA in Painting, kyung One University,
. Graduated Gaewon HighH School of Art
. Instructor off Dankuk University,Korea
. Instructor of Gangwon University, Korea

■ Solo Exhibition

2021 – 16th Solo Exhibition Container Artlap
          (Yangpyeong Art Museum) Korea
        – Desire Asan Gallery (Seoul) Korea
        – Desire United Gallery (Seoul) Korea
2020 – Invitation Exhibition Yeonwoo Gallery
           (Seoul) Korea
2019 – Desire (Sponsored/Art Weme Gallery)
          Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2018 – Sea and me, – Inter-space
          Invitation (Yeonwoo Gallery/Seoul) Korea
2017 – The Illusion of Memory
          Invitation (Geumbosung Art Center/Seoul)
2015 – Sea and me, – Inter-Space
          Invitation (Kuha Gallery/Seoul) Korea
        – Stranger Sea (Korea Cultural Center/Tokyo)
2014 – The Sea and I the Inter-space
          (Insa Art Center/Seoul) Korea
        – Sea and me, – Inter-Space
          Invitation (Changeunsun Gallery/Seoul)
2013 – Illusion Invitation
          (France Cultural Center/Seoul) Korea
        – I saw the sea
          Invitation (Gallery M/Seoul ) Korea
2010 – Metonymic sea
          (Sponsored/Gallery Art Sagan/Seoul) Korea
2008 – Fantasy (Cydream Photo Gallery/Seoul)
2007– Secret (Gallery Beat/Seoul) Korea

■ Group & Art Fair

2021 – Incheon Port International Photo
          & Video Festival (Incheon) Korea
        – Contemporary Art’s Eye View
          (Yangpyeong Art Museum) Korea
2020 – Affordable Art Fair Singapore Singapore
        – Daegu Art Fair Daegu Axpo (Deagu) Korea
        – Affordable Art Fair (Singapore) Singapore
2019 – Daegu Art Fair (Daegu Exco/Daegu) Korea
        – Art Shopping (Carousel/Lubur Museum)
        – Art Expo (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia
        – MANIF Seoul International Art Fair
          (Seoul Art Center/Seoul) Korea
        – Art FORMOSA TAIWAN
        – 3 Artists exhibition (Gallery Byul /Busan)
        – AHAF Busan (Busan Paradise Hotel/Busan)
2018 – ART ASIA (Kintex Hall) Korea
        – MANIF Seoul International Art Fair
          (Seoul Art Center/Seoul) Korea
2017 – MANIF Seoul International Art Fair
          (Seoul Art Center/Seoul) Korea
2016 – MANIF Seoul International Art fair
          (Seoul Art Center/Seoul) Korea
        – HAF Healing Art fair (COEX, Seoul) Korea
        – ART Canton (Kuangzhou) China
        – Art Gwangju (Guangju National Asia
           Cultural Center/Gunagju) Korea
2015 – Art Edition Print/Photo
          (Hongik University Art Center/Seoul) Korea
        – Between eye and mind (6 Artists, Lee Seoul
          Gallery/Seoul) Korea
        – Blesses Land
          (Yangpyeong Gallery/Yangpyeong) Korea
        – Art Edition (Marco Polo Hotel) Hong Kong
        – Contemporary in AK Town Novotel (Suwon)
2014 – Daily and Free – Planning Exhibition
          (Choongmu Art Hall) Korea
2013 – Incheon Art Fair (Seon gwang Art Center/
          Incheon) Korea

And etc….


2010 Today’s best Photographer

■ Collection

The National Museum of Contemporary Art Bank, Trainning Institute of Hanla Group.
Jon-no ku Office, Seoul, Public Institutions, And private Colleciton.

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